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Snus nicotine pouches are one of the fastest growing nicotine products in Australia. We have been servicing the Australian market for a long time and have seen a growing number of satisfied customers that buy Snus in Australia! If you are looking for a one stop shop with a huge library of the best brands available then you have come to the right place.

Australian Snus Delivery

Great Deals Online

Choosing the right company that understands how to get your Snus directly to your door with minimum fuss is important. We have been delivering into the Australian market for a significant amount of time. As such, we have developed a great bond with our customers. In doing so, we have exclusive offers direct to inbox for our Australian customers that continue to benefit from our subscribed program and order their Snus online.

Guaranteed Product Quality

Anyone that knows their Snus products will know that Snus nicotine pouches are consumable products. We ensure all of our products are of the highest quality by leveraging our relationships to guarantee the freshest, most potent products across our vast range of brands.

Buying Guide to Snus

While countries in the EU have been used to buying Snus online for many years, Australia is a fast emerging market. As such, we try our best to come back to every enquiry made via our website on a daily basis. We are, however, at the mercy of timezones! So, we have outlined a little buying guide for our customers in Australia.

Strongest Snus

While it can be quite exciting to try out some of the strongest pouches available, it can also be an unsustainable approach to using Snus. When you are looking at using Snus nicotine pouches in Australia at 100mg+ you should be aware of exactly how strong these pouches are!

For comparison, a typical cigarette contains anything from 8mg to 20mg worth of nicotine, dependent on the brand and product. Snus pouches at 100mg+ are a minimum of five times stronger than a cigarette, and so we advise caution. Experienced users may find themselves able to use these pouches more frequently than a beginner. Even so, these pouches should be used in addition to something a little more light and more sustainable for frequent use. That being said, many of our customers love a strong pouch just before bed, and Australians report these pouches being their favourite bed time Snus like everyone else!

Strong Snus

Depending on your usage level on a daily basis, our Strong Snus collection is a particularly popular collection of Australia Snus. This collection is a perfect crossover for smokers, and vapers alike. Typically, these stronger level of Snus will have 30mg+ of nicotine that is enough to satisfy the most demanding of nicotine cravings. Most brands operate in this niche of nicotine level, and so this means a vast array of choice for customers. In our research, conducted over 6 months by over 5000 customers across two of our websites we found interesting snapshots. A subset of customers across two of our websites (2103) were smokers or ex-smokers. This subset of customers Snus strength of choice was between 30mg and 43mg at 1682 (80%). So, we can safely say that the majority of transitioning Snus users have strong correlations to buying strong, but not wild Snus!

The Snus Starters

For new starters we recommend using Snus at a lower nicotine level to start with. There are many brands that have products in lower strengths that still offer a decent amount of nicotine. If you have frequently used nicotine products, these levels may be a little low. Typically users of nicotine will order a mixed basket between our three strength collections. But, for daily use and infrequent use, the starter pack offers a range of exciting products to choose from.

Killa Snus

Killa is produced by NGP, one of the leading manufacturers in Snus nicotine pouches. The Killa product range is renowned for being one of the best tasting Snus with exceptional composite pouches. Many of our Australia Snus customers speak highly of the Killa brand and continue to basket the newest and freshest Killa products.

Pablo Snus

Pablo, also produced by NGP, shot to international popularity after the release of the Pablo Ice Cold product. At 50mg of nicotine strength, the Pablo range is particularly successful with frequent users of Snus nicotine pouches. Known for the Pablo Escobar motif, the "Exclusive" range diversified the market for NGP and have gone from strength to strength since.

Cuba Snus

Cuba is an exceptional brand of Snus that focuses on quality of pouch alongside flavour. The strength profiles across the Cuba range spans from entry level 16mg, all the way through to 150mg. Cuba is renowned for creating pouches that excel in comfort, discreetness, and flavour profiles that satisfy the most demanding of palates.

How to Order Snus in Australia

Ordering Snus online in Australia is easier than you can imagine. We have ben delivering Snus to Australia for a considerable time and our customers can vouch for our speedy delivery. With so many companies focused on the EU, the library of products available to the Australia market has always been somewhat limited - well, not any more. At The Snus King, we aim to ship our international orders out the very same day, ensuring our customers can enjoy great delivery times as well as not be limited to poor stock inventory.

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