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The Best Zyn Alternatives: A Comprehensive Buying Guide to Top Nicotine Pouches 2024

The Best Zyn Alternatives: A Comprehensive Buying Guide to Top Nicotine Pouches 2024


Do you Zyn? Did you know that there are hundreds of alternative products to Zyn that are as, if not more, popular. Zyn’s market share in the United States is massive, everyone knows that. What some people have not known is that nicotine pouches are on the rise globally. The competition is stiff, and sometimes we do not get what we pay for. Massive marketing campaigns have forced so many to believe that Zyn is one of a kind. We have written this article to challenge the status quo, open eyes, and cast light over the growing nicotine pouch market.




What are Nicotine Pouches exactly


Zyn alternatives in US as seen on The Snus King


Nicotine pouches are the evolution on traditional Swedish snus, a product that has been around for centuries. Traditional Swedish snus contains tobacco, and for most of Europe and North America, is illegal for resell. The accessibility of social media, movement of international athletes and the growing culture of seeking cigarette alternatives led to the popularity of snus. Niconovum, are cited to have manufactured the first nicotine pouch. Although the company was bought in 2009 by giants British American Tobacco, it was not until the early 2010s that nicotine pouches began to really take hold. In multiple Western markets, including the UK and US, snus was frequently imported by consumers in small quantities.


The pouches contain nicotine, water, flavoring, and fillers. They are designed to be discreet, comfortable, and sit between the gum and lip. During the time a pouch is loaded, the nicotine disperses direct into the bloodstream offering a similar feeling to cigarettes. It is argued that, due to the lack of combustion, nicotine pouches are cleaner than cigarettes. There is, however, no studies that conclusively prove nicotine pouches to be harmful, or un-harmful. The questions posed by the general public on pouches safety are unfortunately still unanswered, instead there are educated hypotheses by doctors, not firm evidence.



Benefits over Traditional Smoking of Cigarettes


There is no comparison in safety between nicotine pouches and traditional cigarettes. The world and its dog knows that cigarettes kill. Fortunately this generation of young people have adopted a healthier approach to life and cigarette sales continue to decline globally.


Nicotine pouches are somewhat of an unknown quantity. With little to no evidence that pouches are harmful, the meteoric uprise is supported by many on social media as an alternative to smoking. Social media has played a significant role in promoting nicotine pouches to a wider audience, and continues to do so. Regulative measures are taken by some platforms to silence online retailers. But, as the audience grows, individuals are creating content that includes nicotine pouches on a day to day basis. As such, the promotion of nicotine pouches is no longer direct from retail stores or brands, but general interest and lifestyle. As such, it is professional athletes using snus or nicotine pouches, that have been subject of scrutiny in this growing market.


Perhaps it is athletes that benefit most from the use of nicotine pouches. Being able to consume the relaxing substance of nicotine without the cardiovascular affects of traditional smoking is positive. The media scrutiny due to the correlations with nicotine pouches and substance regulations is painfully negative, however. For the majority of us, an alternative to smoking is a welcome proposition, especially those of us that have previously smoked.



The Rise of Nicotine Pouches, Like Zyn



Different markets accelerate different products into the hemisphere of commercial value. Zyn has taken huge market share in the US, Nordic Spirit and Velo are heavily championed in the UK. As independent brands chase the market leaders, typically the overall quality of pouches are improved.


In the early 2010s the incremental market share of traditional Swedish snus grew. Notably, the professional athlete circuit, especially soccer, played a significant role in growing the market. As players transferred between European and United States teams, the products moved with them. I am not a market researcher, so please take what I say as personal opinion. But, I was in the professional football circuit for many years through the 2010’s and saw, firsthand, the rise of nicotine pouches. The transition for many long time snus enthusiasts was completed within a matter or months. Most snus, dispersed nicotine effectively, but with an uncomfortable drip that hit the back of the throat. Nicotine pouches distributed nicotine more cleanly and with minimal drip, so many players I knew preferred these pouches. After games, you could find tens of used nicotine pouches on the pitch, stamped into the mud as players spat them during game play.


As nicotine pouches began their rise to notoriety, the prices were generally cheaper than traditional snus, too. Ordering from websites in Europe incurred longer shipping times, and generally poor customer service. Sometimes you could wait a week for snus, at other times it could be as long as a month. As nicotine pouches were generally cheaper than snus, my peers would order higher volumes, meaning we were sustained for longer periods of time. As such, retention rates and order frequencies were effected at the retailers. Nicotine pouches had made their move when small businesses realised they could import the products. As snus was banned in most countries, nicotine pouches were yet to be regulated or categorized, the floodgates opened.




Why Consider Alternatives to Zyn


I remember a time when there were two brands of snus that we ordered at football, Thunder and Siberia. Thunder is now discontinued, and Siberia has had to diversify its products in order to compete with market trends. But, at the time, if you would have told me that I would be using any other nicotine pouch or snus outside of those two brands I would have laughed. Now, having some 16 years experience using snus and nicotine pouches, I am more understanding of factors attributing to the quality of the products.


Although Zyn has a massive following in the United States, it certainly does not mean that they are the best nicotine pouches. In the UK, for example, Zyn is a distant afterthought by most nicotine pouch enthusiasts. Does it mean that they are bad? Not in the slightest. I have my own considerations about the Zyn products which I will share with you in the form of reviews. But, the availability of nicotine pouches in Europe means that, in the United States, consumers should seek comparisons. With that in mind, I will talk a little about how to know your nicotine pouches.




Criteria for Choosing the right substitute to Zyn for you


For something that seems pretty straightforward there is quite a lot that goes into considering a brand of pouches. There are huge differences between brands, and products, that most would overlook without experience. Hopefully, this little guide will shed some light on the subject for you.



Nicotine Content


Nicotine content is measured in pouches in two formulas: Nicotine content per pouch (mg) and nicotine content per gram (mg/g). Manufacturers and retailers are yet to align with how these formulas are displayed and promoted. The lack of standardized displaying of nicotine content level in a formula we all understand means consumers can be overwhelmed, or underwhelmed, by the products. In Pablo nicotine pouches, a product promoted as a huge 50mg, the actual per pouch nicotine content is 30mg. The hit from a Pablo is, in fact, sub-optimal against a Cuba Black which is promoted as a 43mg product. The actual mg/g of the Cuba Black Line is 66mg/g but the way in which the products are promoted, Pablo on paper, looks stronger.


Understanding the nicotine strength levels is imperative for consumers to understand what is entering into their system. Information online is so heavily promoted by retail websites that inaccuracies are inevitable, causing many users to not truly understand the strength of some of these products.



Flavor Options


Part of the universal excitement in choosing nicotine pouches is the variety of flavors available. Zyn have reinvested in their products to bring to market an array of different flavors. However, in Europe, there are Zyn products unavailable for sale in the US. So, as more US consumers seek to obtain these products from European retailers, eyes are being opened to the wider brand selections also.


Standard mint options are still a crowd favorite in most countries, including the US. Mint flavors typically harbor a faster nicotine hit than most combination flavors. There has been plenty of discussion on social media platforms as to why that is, but is generally seen as part and parcel of mint flavors. 


You will find nicotine pouches with the most simple mint flavors, through to the whacky and wild flavor profiles such as Jalapeño. One thing is for sure, if you expand the brands outside of Zyn, there is something for everyone.



Pouch Composition and Quality


One of the most overlooked factors attributing to pouch satisfaction is the pouch composition. In brand selection you will find some brands favor a dry pouch, and some more moist. In my experience, drier pouches take a little longer to hit than the moist (depending on the strength of course). But, if you took a Pablo Ice Cold and compared it with a Pablo Frosted Mint, despite them being exactly the same strength and brand, the Ice Cold is much stronger. The hit from more moist pouches can be overwhelming at some strength levels. So that is something to consider when selecting your strength and brand.


The pouches themselves are made from different papers, and as an experienced user, I can clearly tell the cheaper pouches. Zyn, for example, use a drier pouch composition. The problem is the grainy feel against the gum which, on loading, can be uncomfortable in comparison with something like a Velo product.



Brand & Reputation


While many may consider brands that are more well established to potentially offer better products, that is simply not the case. There are hundreds of brands now and tens of manufacturers that have entered a crowded marketplace. Although reputation may be important in some industries, with nicotine pouches I have found word of mouth to be the most accurate source of information. In London, for example, Nordic Spirit have massive advertising campaigns on city buses, buildings, and billboards. Apart from being on the shelves in virtually every major convenience store in the UK, Nordic Spirit have the worst reputation among enthusiasts.



Price, Value & Availability


Price should always be a factor in any purchasing decision, unless you are wildly rich, and stupid. The cost of nicotine pouches, for frequent users, can rack up pretty quickly. Prices in Europe and US are pretty similar, even with conversion of currency. The value proposition in the brands, however, can differ greatly. In previous years, it was typical that the higher the nicotine content, the higher the price. That has changed somewhat, especially in Europe, where prices are more stable across products as brands compete for audience and sales.


Availability in products is especially important, in particular in the US. The infamous “Zyn Shortage” that plagued the US in 2024 has caused a raising of eyebrows for many European brands. As such, the availability of huge European brands such as Pablo, Cuba, Supreme and Iceberg has stretched across the pond. Now, US consumers are able to enjoy some of the best, and strongest nicotine pouches from Europe with a seamless 2/3 day delivery time.




Top Zyn Substitutes in detail


Well, we had a ball talking through the background of nicotine pouches, and the growth of Zyn in the US. But, with no further ado, lets talk about some of the best nicotine pouch brands available in the US with The Snus King.



Best Zyn Alternative Overall: Cuba White Line


One of the things we have noticed is the influx of US orders for Zyn at higher strength levels. The 14mg Zyn is one of the best sellers from Europe to US and has been, especially in 2024. Cuba White Line is a 16mg per pouch nicotine pouch that punches some of the best flavors into a masterclass of manufacturing discreet pouch. The composition of the pouches by Cuba are second to none, offering one of the best comfort pouches around.


Key Features


Cuba is manufactured by Nicotobacco in Poland, the company has focused on development as a value proposition. The Cuba pouches have incredible paper that fits smoothly between the gum and upper lip distributing nicotine seamlessly into the system.


Flavor profiles are accurate and life-like and have grown exponentially in the European markets. While some of the more obscure flavors, like Cheese, have marketshare in specific markets, there are flavors like Cherry that offer a more universal popularity.



Price Range


Cuba White Line has some level of volatility in the price market with different online retailers. However, at The Snus King, all cans are under $5 including Cuba in every strength. Choosing Cuba as an alternative to Zyn is a wise addition to most lineups financially.



Pros & Cons


As with any nicotine pouch brand there are pros and cons to most. Zyn alternatives from Europe typically come with higher strengths, and with that, different feelings when they are loaded.




  • Cuba White Line hits faster than Zyn, due to the ingredients used in the paper


  • Flavors are accurate, and rich, lasting longer than Zyn in every variant


  • Manufacturing process is with the end user in mind, offering a discreet and comfortable load


  • Prices remain consistent with our website due to having exclusive deals with distribution





  • Cuba is a double edged sword, the quick release of nicotine can be overwhelming for first-time users




Most Like Zyn Nicotine Pouch: Velo Nicotine Pouches


As Zyn is to the United States, Velo is to the UK. Formerly Lyft nicotine pouches, Velo have executed marketing in multiple countries, notably the UK. These nicotine pouches have undergone a rebrand to compete with more independent brands on the front end, but remain the same in the can. Flavor profiles have diversified from the original mint and mint fusions to include more exciting tastes. The changes have been well received in most markets and Velo is now growing again in both US and UK. A natural competitor to Zyn with original flavors, huge financial backing and a decent product.



Key Features


The main key feature that makes Velo a great alternative to Zyn is the superior pouch quality. Velo has a smooth pouch, that fits like a mini pillow between the gum and upper lip. Velo nicotine pouches excel in craftsmanship but also availability as they dominate most European stockists, both online and in-store.



Price Ranges


You can expect to pay anywhere between $5 - $8 for a can of Velo with some online stores offering deals on multi-buy.



Pros and Cons


The Velo brand is still obtainable under the old name Lyft, in some European countries. That adds confusion for nicotine pouch newbies. There are slight differences between the two, especially in pouch composition so we will focus on the Velo brand.





  • Reputable brand with many years experience. Products are always consistent in both flavor and composition


  • Extremely comfortable nicotine pouches


  • Strong branding with huge stockist list on a global scale






  • Thicker walls seem to distribute nicotine at slower rates than Zyn


  • Flavor can be a little weak in anything but the mint variants most of the time, not consistent with the brand packaging that can invoke excitement




Best Zyn Stronger Zyn Alternative: Pablo


Pablo, manufactured by NGP Empire, is one of the fastest growing nicotine pouches out of Europe. While the branding can be a little eyebrow-raising for some people, the pouches speak for themselves in both strength and flavor.




Key Features


At 50mg/g and 30mg per pouch Pablo nicotine pouches will feel a lot stronger than Zyn. The strength is accurate, dispersing nicotine through well manufactured pouches. The Exclusive Line has a drier pouch than the original Ice Cold, which is slower to disperse. However, the minty flavors in the line are rich in flavor, fast hitting, and a fun load.



Price Ranges


Pablo prices are pretty consistent at anywhere between $5 - $6 depending on which website you buy from. You may find Pablo in multi-buy deals with many online stores, as the products are well sought, and stocked, in most European stores.



Pros and Cons


The margins for error with consumers can be small, and Pablo walks a tight rope with its outlandish branding and subjective choice of brand name. But, overall Pablo will delight those looking for a stronger alternative to Zyn in the US.





  • Accurate strength levels and wickedly fast nicotine dispersion in minty flavors


  • Flavor profiles are extremely fun, in particular the fruit and mint fusions


  • Good pricing even when ordering from abroad





  • Branding is terrible. Sorry Pablo, but guns and Escobar is so 15 year old!



Other Brands like Zyn

As Zyn continues its rise into the upper echelons of nicotine pouch commercial value there are plenty of brands comparable. Ordering offshore means you have accessibility to more than the few flavors, and strengths Zyn has to offer. The nicotine pouch market has come a long way since the mint flavors previously dominating most markets. The strengths have come a long way also, with options between 3mg and 150mg to cater for a variety of different pouch users. Here are some further notable nicotine pouch brands.


Iceberg Nicotine Pouches  

Iceberg are renowned in UK and with some users in US for having incredible strength levels. Originally, Iceberg released to the European market offering strengths unseen before as their value proposition. At the highest range, the 150mg nicotine level is enough to knock the socks off most human beings. However, the mid range pouches, at 75mg or so, can be pretty placid for those using stronger pouches frequently. As one of the other brands like zyn, Iceberg competes for those lighter users with the Iceberg Medium range, coming in at 20mg. You can check out our Iceberg range here


Killa Nicotine Pouches

Killa is another NGP Empire product and, in fact, is comparable to Zyn in terms of strength coming in at 12.8mg per pouch. Killa is arguably one of the best nicotine pouches for flavor, however, strength is arguably lighter than most would expect. Oftentime Killa have left those looking for a stronger pouch than their usual Zyn a little disappointed. Conversely, those looking at flavor with more importance than strength, have loved the Killa pouches. With wild flavors like Grape Ice dominating sales for most online stores, it goes without saying that Killa is a brand of note when compared to Zyn. You can check out our Killa range here



Tips & Tricks to finding a Zyn Alternative in 2024


The European nicotine pouch market is more developed than the US. There are so many brands that have sprung to life since 2021, each with their own value proposition. One of my most important pieces of advice to find a Zyn alternative is to order multiple products in advance. Naturally, you will enjoy the ride on some pouches and others will not resonate with you. In previous years I had seen people order products that are on multi-buy and be disappointed with their purchase. But, if you order a variety of different brands, strengths and flavors in your initial search, you will quickly decide on one.


Order from websites that you feel you can trust. With so many websites to choose from it is sights like ours that have been established a long time and have a track record of fulfilling orders. If you need to reach out to ask any questions at any time you can use the WhatsApp messenger provided on the site.


Don’t over do it on strength! That is a critical message! Choose something you think you can handle, but remember the differences between Zyn and some of the brands available in Europe is considerable. Check out reviews, check out product descriptions and be sure to order products that you have either built up a tolerance to, or feel you can safely try without being overwhelmed.


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