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The United States is becoming more and more used to buying Snus from abroad. However, it is important to note which brands are performing in what is, generally, a European known product. Cuba Snus in the US has gone from strength to strength with many of the MLS players ordering from The Snus King. As Cuba has been so popular within most of the European professional sports, the transferring of talents across the pond has forced the brand to follow, such is the demand. 

We sent packages daily to all American States including California, Maryland, Ohio, Michigan, New York and New Jersey. Cuba has been a primary seller in the majority of our most popular markets. The balance of flavor, coupled with variety of different strength levels has been integral to the success of the brand. 

Snus is already popular within the soccer game and with transfers from Europe, it has grown exponentially on US soil. Where European athletes were previously able to obtain Cuba frequently and in mass, disappointment ensued in America. In comparison with Zyn, Cuba is a superior product in every way. The pouches are better composite pouches, allowing for smoother nicotine consumption against the gum. Flavors are incredible, with accurate likeness that last and last throughout the load. Entry level strengths begin at 16mg, which is the strongest Zyn. There is no comparison between Cuba Snus and Zyn.

The same is true in Canada. The transferring of European athletes to sports such as the NHL meant Cuba, again, followed. We notice spikes in sales of the brand whenever the NHL faces off. We monitor the analytics of our site to obtain vital data to draw understanding of our market. So when the NHL kicks off, we know we are going to be shipping Cuba to Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Montreal in bulk!

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