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CUBA Jogurt: Snus Flavour full of Questions

CUBA Jogurt: Snus Flavour full of Questions


Cuba is an up and coming brand in most countries, and the White Line, in particular, has been of interest to me due to the strength. Coming in at 16mg Cuba are challenging some of the more well known brands such as Velo and Nordic Spirit for market share. It was the Jogurt flavour that first intrigued me. Perhaps it was the Instagram posts that are provocative as hell, or the fact that I have had no idea to this day what Jogurt even means. My assumption was it was a spelling mistake, then I figured that perhaps I was less worldly than I had previously thought I was. Well, whatever it means, you can let me know in the comments below, or just abuse me for my lack of knowledge, whatever suits!



Cuba Snus: Jogurt Packaging: 8/10


The Cuba packaging is actually pretty nice, I like the distinct colour detail of pink for the Jogurt. I really like the logo, the simplicity resonates with me well. Nicotobacco have been relatively unknown to me until around 6 months ago when The Snus King picked up Cuba. The packaging does leave a little to be desired in that the papery feeling lacks a bit of a premium touch that I have come to wish for. That being said, these aesthetic touches can be worked on by simply using a different material to coat the outer layers. The actual design of the packing is class, it stands out in a crowded marketplace as something different. Compared with the likes of Killa, or Pablo, these pouches look like they could sit on my office desk without offending one of my woke compatriots (cough cough Susannah). On that note, if a fish or two ends up with a Tesco bag around its head because I like a more premium product, so be it. Its’ worth the stress that a consumer should feel satisfied with their products, they would be fished to extinction by France anyway.




Cuba Jogurt: The Smell Test: 7/10


OK, full disclosure. I had to reach out to the bosses here and ask what Jogurt actually meant. So, armed with that new information I was able to go back to the can of Jogurt and actually align my senses with my brain. However, on first note, I could smell a hint of strawberry with something else that added a smoothness to the inhale. The second time, and armed with The Snus King insights, clearly could smell the strawberry yoghurt that Nicotobacco had gone for in the flavour profile. On the smell tests the flavour combination was somewhat overshadowed by the familiar nicotine sheen, for want of a better word.




Pouch Composition: 19/20


It is difficult to fault Cuba when it comes to pouch composition. For me, across their entirety of products, Nicotobacco are one of the best manufacturers of nicotine pouches. The Cuba Jogurt Snus is no exception, the pouches have struck the balance between moist and dry to a tee, in my opinion. I always like to rub the pouch between forefinger and thumb before loading, this just irons out any potential lumps in the pouches. The Jogurt pouches are nice, fully loaded with product and smooth to the touch with a slight moistness. Once a pouch is in the gum, that when it comes into its own. The pouch is discreet, clean, and disperses nicotine through a smoothness without becoming overly wet, and without drying. Now, for those that like having a pouch in for a 40 minute load time, Cuba Jogurt is one of those types of pouches. Kudos, Nicotobacco.




Flavour: 20/20


I am not one for the most mild snus pouches, something about using weak stuff just makes me think “whats the point?” But, the Jogurt flavour is exceptional. Therein lies the point! Even though these are milder pouches than I would usually like to roll with on a daily basis, the Jogurt pouches are rich in flavour. You can taste strawberry yogurt throughout the entirety of the load time. Impressive feat, as some other brands end up leaving your mouth tasting like you have just sucked on concrete with a stamped on chewing gum. These pouches, I would go as far to say, are one of the best tasting snus pouches I have used to date. I love the flavour, for sure.





The Strength: 18/20


At 16mg, Cuba Jogurt, from the White Line, could be considered a mild snus by some, if not most. But, the accuracy of the 16mg is exact and precise. If all 16mg pouches were this strong then it would up the standard. For comparison, I loaded a double Killa White Coffee a little later in the day after using my Jogurts. There was no comparison, the Jogurt was stronger. Whether or not that is a good thing is subjective, of course if you like something really, really mild then these pouches could be too strong for you. But, if you like a bit of a kick then you will love these pouches.


Interestingly, the Jogurt flavour, although there is a quick release of nicotine as most would expect from the Cuba brand, it lasts and lasts. I found myself still feeling the effects of the nicotine post twenty minutes. Which, when you do as many snus as I do, is quite a feat for a 16mg pouch.




Longevity: 19/20


For a 16mg pouch to disperse nicotine through for such a long time is impressive. I think there has to be something in the way the pouches are made that either enhances or hampers the longevity in pouches. Of course, the best before date, and keep conditions must also play a role in the longevity. Either way, the Cuba Jogurt that I received from Snusboys offered me a long lasting nicotine impression with great flavour. I love pouches that maintain the effects of nicotine and holds the flavour as I like to sit with my snus for quite a while. Nicotobacco have done well in the manufacture of this product, and certainly a snus that has made my month roster for reordering.






  • Exquisite flavour that lasts throughout


  • Quality craftsmanship in pouch composition


  • An accurate 16mg of nicotine true to word





  • Paper packaging is understated and threatens the premium feel of the pouches




Verdict: 91/100


As someone that likes a stronger snus I have been genuinely surprised by how strong the Cuba Jogurt actually are. The strength is not comparable to the likes of Velo or Nordic Spirit, who would be direct competition in this strength category. While they do feel a lot stronger than 16mg, they are hardly overwhelming by any stretch of the imagination. The flavour is robust, rich and continues throughout the load time. I am a fan of the Jogurt flavour, even though I had to actually ask ChatGPT and everyone else what is exactly it meant. So, hopefully, Nicotobacco decide to actually call it by the name most of the world will recognise it by and sales of the Jogurt are increased.




Who Should Buy Cuba Jogurt


If you are someone that enjoys a bit of nostalgia then gear up for reliving the Petit Filous feeling you used to get. Not that I am considering behaving a toddler, but the flavour does remind me of the brand massively.





Where to Buy Cuba Jogurt


The Snus King is a dedicated UK source of all Cuba products so if you are interested in getting Cuba Jogurt then they are probably your best bet. I have seen the product in other stores but I am guessing stock levels are reserved for the proprietary entity.



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