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How to choose the Best Snus in UK

How to choose the Best Snus in UK


Seriously, if you have come to the point where you are interested in using Snus, we are now friends. Through the years, I have tried 100's of Snus variations from a myriad of brands. Some time ago, the options were scarce, you would find tobacco-mimicking flavours predominantly. Now, the Snus market is more colourful than ever, literally! In this article, ill talk you through how to choose the best Snus for you.


Firstly, how does Snus work?

For clarification, Snus is a colloquialism for nicotine pouches that stems from a European product that once graced our shores. The tobacco based Snus that frequented the UK black market in the mid 2000's is actually banned. Entre Snus nicotine pouches! The inception of these pouches to the UK was a defining moment for many of us Snusheads. The revolutionary creation of nicotine pouches arrived with a host of different brands, flavours and strengths.

Using the products are the same as their forefathers, however. You place a pouch between your gum and inner lip, typically on the same side each time. First time users can experience a slight tingling sensation as it works it magic. For OG's like me, the Mr Burns feeling is just another day in the office, in fact, I like it! 

A range of factors will determine how the Snus interacts with your system. But, most people report onset of relaxation, similar to that of smoking a cigarette. 

Now thats out of the way, lets get to it!


What are the Best Snus strengths?

Honestly, this can be a minefield as there are so many factors to consider. Different people will experience different feelings when using Snus. With strengths ranging from 0mg to 150mg, and with everything in between, there is honestly something for everyone. At the upper echelons of those strengths, however, we are talking about real Snusheads being able to handle those numbers. So, thinking you are cool after a couple of Fosters-tops in a yuppy bar and hitting a 150mg for the first time - not a wise move. If you are hoping to fall asleep or turn your stomach, then go ahead, if not, then read on!

A typical cigarette contains approximately 8mg of nicotine. If you have ever smoked then you would know that in the morning, when your body is dehydrated, the nicotine hits a lot harder than throughout the day. The same theory applies with Snus. In the morning, a 150mg could render you back to sleep before you have even left your bedside. There are some hardened Snusheads out there that can handle those numbers, but for most, these luxury Snus are used sparingly. 

Best Snus for New Starters

You guys should consider using Snus between 16mg - 30mg. A smoker would feel the effects at the higher end of that scale. A non-smoker, or new to Snus'ing, would feel the effects at any level inside of those numbers. Throughout the day, as the nicotine builds into your system, the effects do subside. So, personally, I tend to use different variations of strengths, hence the need for ordering a variety of products. Our starter pack Snus is one of the best you will find on the market, offering a ton of options for you newbies!

It is well known that one of my favourite Snus to use daily is the Killa Grape Ice. Anyone that has found me on socials knows that Grape Ice is my jam, so check it out:

Snus King Recommendation: Killa Grape Ice


How to Balance Snus Strengths 

We have already spoken about the 150mg being the MacDaddy. Well, something like the Velo nicotine pouches could be seen as the entry level Snus. You have seen them, forlorn on the shelves of your local Tesco superstore. Many people still have no idea what exactly these round pots of happiness are doing in the smoking cabinets. As the market size increases and popularity rises, it is entry level Snus like Velo that will be used first; The Gateway Snus

If you are using a relatively mild Snus, like Velo, then throughout the day you would have noticed the recession of strength. As the nicotine builds into your system, coupled with hydration, effects yield. So, one of the best ways to ensure you still get a nicotine kick, is to mix the strengths.

A brand like Cuba, that have multiple strengths is great for frequent users. Using a singular brand, with multiple strengths ensures the consistency of contact in the gum. Different brands have different pouch compositions. Personally, I like to keep familiar contact consistency in the gum, sometimes it can also reduce the Mr Burns. So, by using a more mild Snus first thing in the morning can give you a nice kick, up to a point. Then, as the day continues, move on to more powerful Snus. Top Snusheads may find themselves hitting a 150mg at night before bed! Good luck on that journey!


How to choose the right Snus for you

Snus is subjective, be clear. Something that I like, may not necessarily suit you. But, there are also some universal truths that you will come to know on your journey. 

Rule #1 - Not everything is what it seems 

Seriously, sometimes what you read is not what you find. This, in particular, is true within strengths. Like an Iceberg 150mg, yes it is strong, but it is not the strongest. Compare an Iceberg 150mg vs Cuba 150mg. On paper, it is comparing apples and apples. But, in actual fact, it is apples and oranges. The Cuba 150mg is one of the hardest hitting, fastest hitting Snus you will find out there. Brands play a huge part in the differentials that are noticeable by Snusheads. So, beware, if you are hitting a 30mg Siberia vs another 30mg, the Siberia is going to hit harder! 


Rule #2 - Take what you can handle 

Choosing the right strength is important to having an enjoyable Snus experience. Something that is too strong can overwhelm your system and make you feel queezy. So, never having done Snus before in your life and hitting a 150mg could feel more like hitting Nemesis Inferno at Thorpe Park and having never been to a theme park. Exhilarating, fun, but will probably make you feel a little sick and a little shaky!


Rule #3 - Water brings you back to life 

Whatever strength of Snus you decide to start using, water is saviour. Good hydration, is important as Snus does dry your mouth out. If you hit something that is a little too strong for you, then chugging back a good amount of water straight away always helps, believe me!



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