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Snus has been popular for several years in Europe. It is the insurgence of professional athletes that has spiked sales of the products into the US. Snus has always been synonymous with professional soccer, and with players transferring into the US, the products followed. 

Traditional Snus is a Swedish product containing tobacco. For most of the world, these products have been banned. However, the demand caused an uprise in new, innovative products known as Snus, but in fact named: Nicotine Pouches. Nicotine pouches they may be, but typically these products are called Snus colloquially. Therein lies the conundrum that most people ignore, you have Snus, and you have tobacco Snus. At The Snus King, we provide the former, completely legal. Hence why so many Americans buy Snus online.

Tobacco based Snus have a tendency to slowly fade away the whiteness of the teeth. Whereas Snus nicotine pouches make for a safer and cleaner way to enjoy nicotine absorption. The United States market has grown over the years and continues to demand alternatives to the market leader, Zyn. 

Using Snus Safely and Benefits

It is really simple to enjoy the effects of nicotine in a safe way these days. Using Snus nicotine pouches is a safer alternative to smoking that allows for the same nicotine satisfaction without harming the lungs. To use these pouches you should take a pouch between thumb and forefinger and load in between the gum and the upper lip. While many users may only use the pouch for a short time before removing, it is advised to keep the pouch in position for up to 40 minutes. The nicotine disperses through the pouch once interacting with the inner mouth and continues for up to 40 minutes. You should feel relaxed, and satisfied especially if you are a current, or ex-smoker. 

Buy Snus Online USA: Understanding Strengths

One of the exciting things about the Snus market is the variations of strengths available in the US market. Comparisons have been drawn between smoking and vaping through the years, but in terms of availability of different strengths, there is no competition. You will find the most diverse range of nicotine strengths available in these pouches, from several different brands.

Mild Snus

We have gone to lengths to provide the US with a range of different mild Snus that includes the ever-popular Zyn products. These products range from 6mg - 30mg. We call this Starter Pack as most users for the first time will find something with ample enough strength to use without being overloaded with nicotine. This pack of pouches is typically fine to use for first time users, or infrequent smokers. 

Strong Snus

This pack is typically good for heavier smokers that are used to consumption of nicotine on a daily basis. However, more experienced Snus users will also find these pouches sufficient in strength to offer a decent kick. Most of the Snus in Europe would fit into this category as the demand for the higher nicotine levels is huge. You can check out all of our Strong Snus here

Strongest Snus

When you are talking about nicotine pouches plus 100mg you are talking seriously strong pouches. These pouches are only for the most experienced of users and, there are many! While these Snus can be exciting, they are not generally used frequently as the lower strength levels are. If you are looking for the Strongest Snus, The Snus King has you covered!

Choosing The Right Snus for You

Through the years there has been variations of Snus available for the United States. Some of these products have performed well in the consumer market, some not so well. 

Original Portion Snus

Original portion has been probably one of the longest serving on the global market. The original portion can be found widely used in Sweden and other nordic countries. The portion pertains to the portion of tobacco found inside of each pouch. While these types of pouches can be found in most countries, they are in fact, illegal in most countries outside of Sweden. If they were to be found on convenience store shelves, they would be seized as they are unavailable for reselling into most markets. So, most Americans have circumvented the lack of option by buying Snus online.

White Portion Snus

White portion pouches were developed, for the most part, to counteract the dripping problem from the original portion. The “drip” as it is commonly referred to, is the leakage from the original portion tobacco due to the higher moisture inside of the pouch. This limited the amount of time users were comfortable using the pouch on the gum as it would drip tobacco flavored moisture to the back of the throat. White portion was developed to be drier tobacco that would last for longer without the drip. However, these pouches are tobacco based products. The most famous among the white portion pouches is the infamous Siberia Snus. Siberia is known on a global scale, produced by GN Tobacco, and most common among soccer players in Europe.

Loose Snus 

In the United States, this is commonly referred to as “Dip”. The loose Snus variant, or “Snuff” as it is also referred to in some places in Europe is the raw tobacco outside of a pouch. Users would pinch a piece of the tobacco and load into the same place as you would do Snus, between the lip and gum. Loose Snus is not a widely used product, however, you may find some users in Southern America.

All White Snus

The All White is the newest and fastest growing version of Snus on the global market. This type is clear of tobacco, only using water, plant-based fillers, and nicotine to create the products. The All White market has produced more manufacturers from all different corners of the world. The diversity in the All White Snus market has also brought with it a myriad of different flavor profiles. The flavors range from the original mint flavors, to nostalgic sweetie flavors, and incredible mixes of localization in different markets. In the United States, where Zyn is so widely used for the different flavor profiles, the market faces stern competition from more creative European brands. In buying Snus online, the options are opened up for all of North America.

The cultural diversity in places like New York, Michigan, Florida, and California has paved the way for new and exciting brands to be brought to market. The superior build quality of All White pouches from Europe has meant brands such as Cuba Snus, Pablo Snus, Killa Snus, and Supreme Snus, are selling out on US shores. 

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