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Supreme returned to the Snus nicotine pouch market in the back end of 2023. Many Snus enthusiasts rumoured Supreme to be returning for much of the year, but deliberated as to the potency, given the growing market competition. The brand came back with a bang, creating many of the best products available and shaking the competition immediately. The incredible richness in flavour, coupled with exhilarating strength levels explains why we ship so much Supreme Snus Sweden's direction.

Supreme Snus Sweden

Sweden know a thing or two about Snus. There are so many brands to choose from in Sweden it makes other markets look like novices. However, Supreme is a brand that makes many Snus brands look less than average. Supreme is one of the fastest selling brands in Sweden, and has been since it was re-released. The flood of orders being placed from the Swedish Supreme fans is testament to the brand success. Some might say that Supreme has come home, making huge in tracks to the home of Snus Sweden.

Supreme Snus

Best Taste

Each flavour in the lineup of Supreme Snus has been carefully crafted to represent depth and likeness.

Strong Nicotine Levels

Even the entry level Supreme is above the market average! The heavyweight lineup enters at 60mg, a jaw dropping minimum strength for Supreme.

Popularity of Supreme Sweden

Each week, The Snus King, ships hundreds of orders of Supreme Snus in Sweden. There are several reasons that Supreme has been successful since its return to the market.

Flavour Profiles

The flavours are on another level. Supreme flavours were exceptional before the brand went "off shelf" in 2022. But, the return of Supreme created an excitement and buzz amongst enthusiasts, especially when they realised the same flavours were returning.

The flavours are extremely rich, perhaps personified by the Supreme Banana Milkshake, which many pedestal as the flagship of Supreme Snus. The incredible combination of drinks and fruit is best represented by the nostalgic McDonalds shake. As the flagship product for the Supreme, it it continues to dominate sales in Sweden.

Super Strong Snus Pouches

Supreme are no entry level Snus. The 60mg entry level takes some of the strongest Snus in Sweden and parries them. The Banana Milkshake, at 120mg, takes the market by storm by creating one of the strongest Snus in the world. But, perhaps it is the difference in intensity between the flavours that most find interesting. The Mint Lime is arguably one of the strongest Snus you will find in the market. At 100mg, the strength it undeniable. But, the intensity of which the 100mg hits sets it apart from the much of the lineup. One thing is for sure, flavours are subjective and Sweden has fun discerning which Supreme Snus is right for them.

Pouch Composition and Comfort

Since returning to the market Supreme have created one of the finest composite pouches that you will find today. The pouches have a moist, almost sticky texture that sits in the gum with ease. Not only are the pouches extremely comfortable, but the slim line form allows them to be as discreet as ever.


How strong is Supreme Snus Sweden?

Supreme start with 60mg with the flagship Banana Milkshake flavour hitting 120mg. The pouches are extremely strong and also deliver the nicotine faster than most other brands.

How does Supreme compare with other brands in Sweden?

We know there are many brands in Sweden. The Snus King has already been to Sweden to check out the brands available and make comparisons to the local stock. Supreme stands out as not only one of the strongest Snus you will find, but also one with one of the most depth in flavour.

Are Supreme releasing more flavours?

We expect Supreme to release more into the lineup at some point during 2024.

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